Applied Technologies celebrates 20 years.

20th AnniversaryApplied Technologies celebrates 20 years of support and service to the 3000 community.  We recognize - and celebrate how fortunate the 3000 community is - having a platform that has survived and thrived beyond it's third decade. This truely rare accomplishement is due to a number of factors, including a design commitment by HP to upwards compatibility to help protect your software investment, and a community of experts willing to help others grow their expertise by sharing whenever possible. 

This supportive community is embodied by a host of third part software providers, and a broad cast of characters on the 3000-L.  See our 'other resources' page for links to the 3000-L, it's well worth the visit.

We at Applied Technologies thank all those who've been along with us on this journey, and look forward to another 20 or more years of stable, reliable, and easy to administer systems that protect your software investment.

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