AppliedTechnologies.net Website Launches

As part of a move to better reach the remaining base of HPe3000 system users, whether they are homesteaders or those already in the process of migration, Applied Technologies has launched it's first website presence. 

"In spite of being active in the 3000 market for over 20 years, this is the first time I'd even seriously considered using the web to reach out to our current and potential customers.  As we move from being primarily a professional services provider to a provider of natively packaged Open Source software, and associated services - I recognized that there's really no other cost-effective way to reach the market", says Brian Edminster, senior consultant and Applied Technologies founder. 

He continues: "As an added bonus, it provides a single place to contact us, find out about our offerings and services, as well as what's new here. In addition, it provides a place for existing customers to (re)download their purchased package bundles or updates, to login to our project management system, or to initiate a support inquiry or remote assistance request."

"We're also launching another site soon as well: www.MPE-OpenSource.org.  It's intended to be the 'go to place' for Open Source software and other supporting scripts and documentation for MPE based systems, much as Applied Technologies intends to be the 'go to place' for "natively" packaged Open Source software for MPE, as well as support, customization, and integration services for Open Source software on 3000's".


Contact: Applied Technologies | P.O. Box 234 | Germantown, Md, USA, 21775-0234 | Email