GHRUG Presentation featured in May 2008 Print Edition of 3000Newswire

3000Newswire print edition gives front page coverage to talk given by Brian Edminster of Applied Technologies at GHRUG conference of March, 2009. 

Described in the article entitled: "Open source programs open up 3000 homestead options", is an actual project in which an open source application to solve a very sticky business problem is found, evaluated, installed, tested, and eventually integrated into an existing legacy application, as well as made to work with an existing 3rd party application.

In summation:

"Open source software can keep HP 3000s online and productive, even in the face of industry requirement changes and new government regulations, such as security requirements for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance demands".

The article, in it's entirety - can be found here. << link pending >>

Contact: Applied Technologies | P.O. Box 234 | Germantown, Md, USA, 21775-0234 | Email