GHRUG Presentation Well Received

Brian Edminster's talk on 'Open Source Integration - A trip into Open Source Land, From here to there, and back again' was well received. In spite of being one of the first presentations on Friday morning, the first day of the conference - his presentation was well attended.

Material covered included:

  • History and definitions of exactly what 'Open Source' is, and isn't,
  • How and where to find potential applications (both ported already, or candidates to be ported),
  • How to install, setup, and administer Posix development & production environments on a 3000,
  • Shortcomings and common pitfalls with applications ported to MPEiX,
  • Ways to get around those issues – and
  • How to integrate the selected application into your existing application systems – as seamlessly as possible.

The full presentation can be found here: link, including footnotes and references.

Based on his presentation, Mr Edminster has accepted an invitation by the conference organizers to speak at the 2009 conference.

Contact: Applied Technologies | P.O. Box 234 | Germantown, Md, USA, 21775-0234 | Email