Applied Technologies registers www.MPE-OpenSource.org

Summer 2006

Applied Technologies registers www.MPE-OpenSource.org website for use in creating the first public portal dedicated to Open Source and Free Software for the MPEi/X platform.  While sponsored and hosted by Applied Technologies, resources hosted on the portal will be freely available to the community.

This portal will be a 'one stop shop' for all publicly available (Free Software and/or Open Source) scripts, applications, and other materials relavant to MPEi/X - as they become available over time.  Community participation will be allowed - and encouraged, in assisting others find, use, and add to the resouces to be hosted here.  Suggestions for or recommentations as to new or additional content will be gladly accepted.

Content will be organized by type (white papers and/or documentation, applications/scripts by category) and will be searchable.

While free to access, registration will be required to login to the download areas, or to submit new material - in order to reduce site spamming, and to allow notification of updates and other information pertinant to the hosted materials.  Paypal donations will be accepted, but not required.

Please stop by www.MPE-OpenSource.org and give us your email address - so we can give you updates about our progress with the site, and to let you know when it goes 'live'.

Contact: Applied Technologies | P.O. Box 234 | Germantown, Md, USA, 21775-0234 | Email