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Link to 3000Newswire BlogWe support the 3000Newswire - both print and online editions, and endorse them as the source for the latest news on the 3000 and/or about our community.

link to openmpe.orgWe also support OpenMPE and it's mission to advocate for users of MPE/iX based systems.  They are the only collective voice remaining, following the collapse of Interex, to help ensure that the tools and information necessary to keep 'em running - is available as long as needed. They've been working quietly behind the scenes for years now.  Largely unheralded, they remain a valuable resource for our community.  For now, membership is free, so go sign-up!

Check out these web-based tools from 37signals.com:
Basecamp - Project Mgmt,   Highrise - Simple CRM,   Backpack - WorkGroup / Extranet / Wiki,  plus a few small tools that are so simple as to be almost 'applets'... We use them in our business, and highly recommend them - as well as their book:  Getting Real.  <--- read it FREE online!

Link to 3000-L Archives3000-L Archives, hosted on RAVEN.UTC.EDU: A community resource for all things e3000 / MPEi/X, and then some...  Probably the single most interesting mailinglist/newsgroup I've ever followed.  The depth and breadth of expertise here (in just about anything - 3000 related or not) - is absolutely amazing.

HP's 3000 Manual PageHP manuals page &  Jazz (for as long as they're still available - the closest thing to a 'one-stop-shop' for 3000 documentation, software, & tools)

3k.com logo & link to their site 3k.com's "share/freeware" page

link to Allegro Consultants, Inc's "freeware" page

link to donna (gaveric) hoffmeister's invent3k page

          link to Mark Bixby's site

          link to Lars Appel's site

link to AICS-Research site page for free qcterm telnet client

link to MPE-OpenSource site (opening soon!)

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Presentation from 2008 GHRUG "Homesteading" Track:

Finding, installing, and integrating an Open Source application into a Legacy Software System
From here to there, and back again – a trip into Open Source Land

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