2008 is 20th Anniversary for Applied Technologies!

Applied Technologies was founded in 1988 by Brian Edminster as a consulting practice that focused on providing robust solutions on HP3000 platforms.  Key to this philosophy was making sure that applications were designed to be easier to use right, than to use wrong - and that they were easier to use than not use.  This may sound simple, but think about how much software you regularly use that really fits that criterion.  How many times is it really as easy to use and live with, or as robust as the salesman said it would be?

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A short biographical sketch of Brian Edminster, taken from the "Speaker's Bio" page of the GHRUG.org website:

b&w photo of Brian Edminster taken 3/5/2008.Brian Edminster has worked on 3000's since the days that a Series II running MPE-II was considered to be a 'high-end' system. While he's worked on other platforms (including various flavors of MS O/S's, & Un*x), his platform of choice over the years has been and continues to be MPE.

Over the course of his career, he's spent time working for software vendors, worked in and managed IT departments as an 'end user', and for the last 20 years - has been developing his consulting practice: Applied Technologies.

He recently discovered “Open Source” software – and the benefits it has for the platform. This was by way of a project that saved a client's ability to continue use of their MPE based application for several years – avoiding disruption to their operations and significant financial penalties as well.

Now an Open Source enthusiast, he's actively promoting the use of 'portable' applications and tools to extend the life and utility of existing 3000 systems – regardless of whether their owners are planning on or in the midst of a migration – or are looking to long-term homesteading.

By maintaining a network of associates accross a number of differing platforms and disciplines - Applied Technologies can handle many different types of assignments, regardless of the platform or applications involved.  This cross-platform expertise has also proven invaluable when integrating differing hardware and software platforms, and in integrating Open Source software applications into existing legacy HP3000 systems.

A partial list of our clients, past and present, include:
MRG Search & Placement, HMSHost, EDCO, Axiom Systems, Systems Task Group, United Press International (UPI), Arens Applied Electromagnetics, Ryland Mortgage, Racal Communications, Maryland Paper Box, Fusion Systems, and several Trade Associations.

Contact: Applied Technologies | P.O. Box 234 | Germantown, Md, USA, 21775-0234 | Email